For my final game, I’m still not entirely sure what I would like to create. I wanted to tie in what I’ve been playing recently, which is Final Fantasy XV (just because I wanted to play a Final Fantasy before VII Remake comes out and it is the one I had the easiest access to) and Witcher III. That being said, perhaps I could make a fantasy adventure board game with mythical monsters, super bosses, etc. The board would probably be a winding path, possibly splits into a few directions. I want to create character pieces that have different strengths and weaknesses. I want to have weapon cards and action cards in decks on the board, as well as ability cards which can enhance one of the player’s aspects I was thinking about some of the mechanics I liked and disliked from each game.

From Final Fantasy XV:

I really liked the battle system. It was real-time battling with the enemies. What I liked about real-time battles is that it was faster. Previously I played Final Fantasy XIII and it was turn-based. I had trouble figuring out the fighting system – since I thought it would be like Pokemon, but I wasn’t able to comprehend it well. Also, enemies had certain weaknesses or strengths against some weapons that Noctis used – which is very normal in games. Another mechanic I liked during battle was that the player could choose to play as Ignis, Gladiolus, or Prompto during the battle and utilize their abilities. While I want my game to be competitive, I want to also think about adding a teamwork aspect (but that may be getting way to ahead of myself right now). Another thing I liked was camping because of the meals Ignis cooked. They would give a decent boost to all of the team, depending on what meal Ignis would make (that the player can choose). One thing I didn’t like as much while I was playing was how repetitive battles could get. All the player really needed to do was hold down B (XBOX) and Y to point warp or escape from something.

From Witcher III:

I only briefly played the Witcher III, but I liked the consumables to gain health back. I also liked that certain beasts (such as the griffin in the beginning of the game) would give the player a boost. Time of day seemed to be an important aspect – as I’m sure certain beasts would only come out during certain times of the day. I also like the deterioration of the weapons and gear. I think that it’s important because then the player needs to think about when their gear will break and how much money to repair things before they aren’t usable, etc. That being said, maybe adding gear to my game might be an aspect I want to create (or just making the weapons able to deteriorate).

Though it’s not that much, I am still unsure with the direction, I think this brainstorming has helped me to put some thoughts into my head of what I want to do. I will likely be writing down more ideas and sketching out some of the cards, board designs, character skills, or something else that I want to do. For the upcoming week, I should start figuring out the things I highlighted above, as well as creating a name, ruleset, game board, etc.

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