Game Pitch for Dragon Rider card game

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Game Description:

This game is going to revolve around players raising and training a dragon using different cards to evolve their dragon while preventing the other player dragon from surviving either it be from lack of resources or through combat.

Players Turn:

The player draws a card from the resource pile and with there had of five cards play the cards in order to grow and strengthen their dragon or use setback cards to slow their opponents progress.

Win Condition

The player to who has their dragon as the survivor wins. The player who’s dragon dies whether it be from lack of resources or through combat is the loser.

One thought on “Game Pitch for Dragon Rider card game

  1. I think this is a good start to a customizable experience to a battle game. Some questions come to mind while reading this, however, and maybe they’d be useful to answer in your next post! Do the dragons become stronger with the cards that build them up? Along with that, will the attacks hurt the opponent more as the dragon grows stronger? Is there a point system involved to know how strong/weak one’s dragon is? Are there more resource cards or attack cards, or is there the same amount of each? How many people is this intended for?

    These could be good questions to ask yourself as you go along with the process, but great job so far!

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