Dragon Riders Week 1

Blue Dragon v2 by sandara on DeviantArt

Game Description:

How the game works will be each player has three decks one deck is resources, one deck is dragon abilities, and the last deck is for each dragon evolution. Each player starts the game with their dragon egg on the field and draw five cards from their resource deck. Each type of dragon will have an archetype built around it to make the different decks flow and combo better. Every time the conditions are met the dragon will hatch and grow. Depending on the training card you use will determine the final stage the dragon will evolve into it can be offensive or defensive. As dragons evolve once a certain stage is reached your dragon allows you to choose to draw an ability card or a resource card ( one or the other unless stated other wise on a card). For example if the player uses a red dragon deck and they reach a certain level they can draw an ability like a scorched earth card which would cause the opponent to discard resources from their deck. Abilities like the previously mention will have a variety of effect from passive to combat as well as sabotage (like scorched earth).

Game bits:

  • 5-7 card dragon evolution state deck
  • 10- 20 ability card deck
  • 30-50 resource card deck


This will focused toward all ages for anyone interested in fantasy and strategy. It is a game to have friendly competition and enjoyment.

Victory Conditions:

The dragon still standing is the victor. The dragon that dies is the loser.

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