Ancient Alien Invasion

My partner David and I worked on some of the details of this game today. We knew we wanted a game with both past and future elements in it, as well as sci-fi, fantasy, and futuristic aspects. It’s loosely inspired by the history channel’s hit show Ancient Aliens. An ancient Egyptian culture stumbled upon some alien technology, and the Aliens want it back. Both sides have to battle and race to obtain a powerful alien weapon to beat the game.

The weapon is damaged, so you must  protect your scientists and engineers while they work to repair the weapon so they can achieve victory. If you fail to protect your crew, you have to face a much harder route to obtain the weapon which has not yet been determined. There are also healers who can give your other pieces power ups or heal them.

It’s a tabletop miniature type game with a strategy phase followed by an action phase. The characters are soldiers, healers, and scientists/engineers on both sides as well as an Alien Queen and an Egyptian Pharaoh. It has both battle and racing elements. We haven’t worked out the exact battle mechanics or power-ups. We might have a dice roll to determine fighting or assign each type of piece certain attack or defense value. It might also be fun to have multiple win conditions, such as defeating all other enemy players or getting hold of the weapon first.

I also found some art online that might inspire the final design of the weapon. I really like this theme because I want to create some cool art for the game board and player pieces.

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2 thoughts on “Ancient Alien Invasion

  1. Normally whenever people talk about the Egyptians and aliens, they usually talk about how “aliens helped to build the pyramids.” However in this game you’ve pitted the two “allies” against each other and I think that’s a really interesting theme. This theme also really fits in with the table top miniatures game design, as I can see some really interesting and cool-looking figures being created. I’m interested to see how the gameplay will work and how the final miniatures will turn out.

  2. Ok, so this concept is pure gold. If not as a game, then as a movie. And if not as a movie, then throw in some kids and it is a best-selling YA novel.

    Have you ever played Matt Leacock’s Forbidden Desert? The desert parallel here is accidental — instead, I mention it because it is one of the best cooperative boardgames I’ve played, and something about the scientists racing against time suggests cooperation in play. If I remember it right, his game had players racing around the desert looking for parts of a broken plane — it was best played cooperatively, because each player (a scientist, a pilot, etc) had different “skills” to use in navigating dangerous terrain, identifying the right part, etc.

    Combat is certainly an interesting (and often expected) component there, but it could also be, for example, that your Ancient Egyptian/Alien antagonists aren’t so much troops to battle against but a kind of timer — an incredible armada that is amassing on the horizon, and if we haven’t found and activated the THING by then, then we are lost. So no combat, or very little combat, but still a heavy thematic presence.

    Either way. I do love this theme.

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