Ancient Alien Invasion

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Start of a New Era

What is something that is always on peoples minds? How could pyramids be built so big and so quick? They had to have help from Aliens!

In this new action-packed game from Brigit Torpey and David Martin, those answers and more are revealed in our table-top game!

Our game started off with each of us asking if we have seen different movies and TV shows. As we talked about how crazy some of these things can be we asked each other should our game be a past, present, or future style game. This was something to help leapfrog us into brainstorming. Coming to an agreement that a game based in the present would have a lot of limitations on what we could and couldn’t do. Finally down to two ideas the past and the future. Two totally different eras, one that we know and one that we don’t know. Deciding that we wanted a table-top miniature game with figures of the characters we just needed to pick an era. That’s when we decided why pick when we could do both the past and the future. Aliens had to be in the game since that was the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of the future.

We dove into this game thinking of what style and mechanics we want this game to have moving forward and that is still in the process of getting made. Since we had the Egyptians and Aliens finalized as the two classes players can choose between i did some research on both “cultures”. The Egyptian characters are based off of the hierarchy that was made in their culture with the Pharaoh being the king and the priests servants to the king in the second level. The engineers who are also know to be scribes on the fourth branch and above them the soldiers. The fun came when looking into the Aliens hierarchy. Since it is all made up I decided to take some from pop culture and superstition to make the classes. I choose the Queen because of the movie Aliens, a very big pop culture movie and then that’s when I decided on the soldier class for them as well. With the Egyptians having their hands on the alien technology I knew we needed a way to justify the making of that technology with the alien scientist. Finally as all cultures have including the ancient Egyptians the servants that do the king or queens work for them.

We have made the characters and the start of our game. It really helps to see this from another persons perspective. Brigit and I bounce ideas off of each other and have fun while doing it. In light of this pandemic and it being hard to communicate that isn’t going to stop us in making the game that we want to make. With Brigit having many art talents and great ideas, this game will be something that we will be proud of in the end and hopefully something that will last. Thank you for reading about the brainstorming process of Ancient Alien Invasion, a game were we make superstition real.

One thought on “Ancient Alien Invasion

  1. I like that you’re fleshing out your own kind of lore here. To my mind, “lore” is often such a drag in pop culture and game culture because everyone gets lost in the political stupidities. “By the time the 4th-born son of the King had supplanted the Prime Minister on the outer moon of Phonus, the Arch-duke had extracted a promise from the Queen: Dismiss the senate before…” OHMYGODWHOCARES. It is like high school English History class all over again. Lists of people and dates.

    I say this because — as it exists in this post, at least — you’ve simply pointed to structures. Battalions, hierarchies, classes, families. I like this because it makes everything so much more easily personalized. It is as though you are (potentially) providing the structure of a world to players, rather than handing the player a single, specific world and saying “this is all you get.”

    In any event, still love the theme.

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