Working Title: Laureate

Description: Compete and cooperate with the other engineers in your space program to construct a group of successful space shuttles. Work together to ensure the success of your program, but make sure that your designs position you as the prime laureate.

Mechanics: In this card-based resource management game, players will each use their program’s funding to build a space shuttle. Each turn, they will receive some funding that they can use to purchase materials, research designs, and construct different parts of their shuttle. Throughout the game, players can trade materials and share research to help each other build better shuttles. At the end of the game, each player’s shuttle is tested and inspected by the program’s investors. If any of the shuttles are deemed to be low-quality, the whole project is a failure. However, if the project is successful, one designer will be commended as the prime laureate. Laureate is a unique mix between resource management, planning, and trade that provides players with a new kind of strategy experience.

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3 thoughts on “Game Pitch

  1. I really think this has a lot of potential to be both fun and replayable, I can see how the inspiration you’re pulling from all these other games like is forming into something that’s truly unique and interesting. I’m sure its more defined somewhere, but I’m interested in what inspection exactly means and how the Laureate is selected. Inferring that the pass/fail is determined by if all the shuttles meet a certain requirement, how is that requirement selected? How will the requirement adjust to having more or less players to collaborate to meet them? These questions really just food for thought! I’m excited to see where you go with this game and how it evolves.

  2. I really like the idea of the players having to work together to ensure that the whole project doesn’t, but at the same time they seem to be trying to make their space ship the best out of the bunch. I’m interested to see how the testing of the shuttles is done. I feel that if this game was a video game, there would probably be some form of a physics engine that would be able to test the shuttles and see if they could properly function. In a card form, I wonder if the shuttles might be split into something like functionality, aesthetics, cost-efficiency, etc. and then graded and the scores of each added up. Overall, I think this game could be really fun and the gameplay mechanics look super interesting.

  3. Your game sounds very interesting. It sounds like a mixture of Catan with Kerbel Space program, but it still has its own unique flavor. Just out of curiosity, what is the meaning behind Laureate? What aspects will determine what creates a successful spacecraft? Are there certain pieces to the spacecraft that will have more weight in determining whether or not it will be a success? What will testing look like? I really like your idea, and can’t wait to see what your final game will look like.

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