Working Title: Time Beasts

Description: Everyone is given the same twenty-four hours everyday, but how you manage that time is what can set people apart. Enter this 1 v 1 battle and see if you can master time itself.

Mechanics: I decided to expand upon the theme of quantified-self and time management. The cards are currently themed around time and these time-based creatures, but I’m not certain about that design yet. This game is based on many different card games, the two most prominent examples are Pokemon and Magic. Each card you play, whether it is being used to draw more cards, or if you are playing down a creature, they all have their time costs. Each player is given 24 time pieces. These time pieces represent their energy as well as their health. Each move the player can make will decrease their time available to them during that turn. As the player will use the pieces they will flip them over. At the start of their next turn they will un-flip half of the flipped pieces. Ex: If I used all 24 of my pieces last turn, then during my next turn I would only have access to 12 pieces.

The creatures in this game follow the same mechanic as the gadgets. In order to play down the card, you will have to use time. There is a limit of 8 creatures that can be in your battlefield area at one time. There is no limit to the amount of times players can attack as of right now, however neither side can attack on the first turn of play. Each creature has two attacks, one more costly than the other and a health mechanic as well. When you attack another player, that player can choose whether to block the attack with one of their creatures or they can let the attack go through. If you were to attack a player with no creatures, they would take one damage, which means that they would lose one time piece. So instead of having 24 time pieces, they would now only have 23 time pieces. In order to win you have to eliminate all of the opponent’s time pieces. The deck size is currently 60 cards, but it could be changed later on. Currently the game board will also look like this:

This is the basic board layout. Sorry for the terrible sketch, I’ll have a better one later.

This game is in a very rough stage of production, and I’m currently quickly producing rough card mock-ups in order to test the mechanics. There are currently plenty of possible issues and concerns that I need to test and find solutions for them.

The biggest concern right now is the game length. Having a health of 24 and only being able to take one damage at a time could be a problem and could extend the game length. I don’t know how long an average turn will last and how long it will take before players can consistently start taking damage.

Complications with having the health and your ability to call and use cards, could cause complications, especially in the late game. There might be a possibility for a comeback mechanic or even the possibility of separating the two.Card balancing is also a problem, but that will eventually get solved when I do enough testing.

Another important mechanic of card games revolves around the ability to run out of cards and lose. I want players to be able to avoid that, but I also know how long games will take when players can’t deck out. I’ll have to see how long games take before I can be sure of how to approach this issue.

I think that this game can lead to some interesting mechanics, like intentionally passing your turn in order to build up some more time, or taking a hit to your health in order to preserve your strongest attacker. I feel that the base mechanic of this game will give a lot of options to the player, but the game’s success is ultimately determined by how well I can make the game consistent and overall enjoyable.

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  1. As someone who has played a lot of different card games, I have to say that your concept for the “time piece” resource is one of the most unique resource mechanics I have ever seen. I think that step away from the traditional idea of “mana” or “energy” will go a long way in making your game fresh. Also, while I think the idea of taking damage in the form of losing time pieces is interesting, I do have some concerns about whether that will be too punishing for the player to take damage. I can envision a scenario where a player can be put in a bad situation very quickly if they take early damage, since they are at a permanent resource disadvantage. However, I’m not an expert, so I think you should test it yourself before you come to a final judgement. Overall, I think this idea is really cool, and I can’t wait to see more in the future!

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