Final Project Mechanic Consolidation 2

Since I have decided that “building a space shuttle” will be the primary flavor for my game, I need to decide what mechanics will help represent that. Currently, I have decided that building parts based on “blueprint” cards will be how players assemble their space shuttle, but I haven’t really elaborated on that too much.

I have been considering the idea of having each blueprint card have a few properties: cost, type, tier, attributes, and effects. The cost of the blueprint is how much of each resource it costs to construct the part. I’m not exactly sure what the resources will be, since I’ll have to do some research on what space shuttles are made of. Here’s a link I’m using for some inspiration: . The type of the blueprint card will represent what part of the space shuttle it will construct. For example, this might be “wing,” “hull,” “fuel tank,” or something else. Currently, I an planning for a system that forces the player to build at least one of each type of blueprint in order to have a completed space shuttle. The tier of a blueprint will be a numeral: I, II, or III. Higher-tier blueprints will be more expensive and more rewarding than lower tier blueprints. Also, I am thinking that higher tier blueprints must be built “on top of” lower-tier blueprints to “upgrade” them. For example, a tier II hull can only be built onto a completed tier I hull. Attributes will likely be values for the three space shuttle stats that I plan on implementing: speed, efficiency, and durability. There may be more stats later on, but that’s all I’ve thought of for now. Effects might be special things that are unique to the blueprint. It might give additional stats if certain other parts of the space shuttle are built, for example. Effects will likely only be put on tier II/III or possibly even only tier III blueprints.

A very rough example of a blueprint card. Basically everything is subject to change, I just want to clarify what information would be present.

I feel that the mechanics surrounding these blueprint cards are fairly original, but the current format of the cards as well as any future improvements I make will probably be heavily inspired by the two trading card games that I have the most experience with: Pokemon TCG and Magic: The Gathering. They both follow a similar structure for representing information, and I believe that it is a very good way to convey information to players.

An example Pokemon card. Note the “Evolution bubble” in the top-left corner, similar to the tier bubble I have in my draft.
An example Magic card for reference.
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