After much consideration and brainstorming with friends and family, I have decided that I want to create a board game where the main premise is to collect resources and organize/consolidate them to produce a final product, or many final products.  The initial inspiration here was from “Quantified-Self,” and the idea that you manage not only your resources, having that aspect of organization involved, but also working to manage your time, like the definition of “Quantified-Self” explains. In my concept for a board game, though, the time management aspect is not quite so literal.  The most important time management happening would be in the sense that every player has a limited number of turns, and you have to do the most to earn points for yourself during the time, or turns, allotted to you. In the beginning stages of this planning, I don’t see a need to have a physical time restriction in terms of a digital timer or sand hourglass.

The inspiration here, then, is coming from a lot of places.  Overcooked was the first game I thought of in terms of time management, and from that I liked the idea of creating final products to deliver to an imaginary customer.  Quests of Valeria was another game I took inspiration from, as that is a card game with varying objectives, resources to spend, and a limited number of turns. Finally, I am also inspired by Ticket to Ride and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as the former has a stack of open cards that a person could choose to take on their turn, and the latter has resources that can be collected and transformed into useful products.

What I’ve mostly settled on then, is a customized card game (would not use a regular deck of cards).  I think there should be resource cards and product cards, and resource cards could be spent to construct/build/prepare a product.  The more products a player creates, or the more valuable products a player creates, the better chance they have at winning. When a player has constructed a target number of products, the game will end.  Overall then, the most important aspect here would be the competition and the strategy. In the game, every player would love to have an unlimited amount of turns and resources to accomplish their goals, but that time and material constraint is what forces them to think critically about their actions, and on top of that, how they affect others.  If they take the resource that another player needed, that adds a level of competition to the game that makes it interesting. Therefore, I would want my game to insight a little bit of panic and frustration in the sense that anyone can take the card you so desperately needed, but also immense satisfaction in finally completing the product that would earn you a lot of points, and ultimately help you win the game.

I think this game would be ideal for families like mine, who do game nights regularly.  It would be a game that’s welcoming to most ages, but probably better suited for at least mildly experienced board-gamers.  It would not be something extremely complicated though, and therefore it is not going to be the mythical and dramatically themed, 10-hour board game with expansions that more intense gamers are looking for.  I would say it’s a friendly game that insights some less friendly interaction between its players.

Finally then, before the real progress could begin, I had to choose a theme.  I brainstormed with cooking, underwater, safari, and Santa’s workshop/toys. The ultimate goal was to end up with something that catered to delivering products and was approachable, but not juvenile, and therefore the art had to give those vibes as well.  I found some inspirations from google but ultimately ended with the theme of building houses. More on this to come next week!

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  1. I talked about Gizmos in one of my own posts, but I think it bears some similarities to your game concept too. In Gizmos, players try to build a lot of different Gizmos that have different point values. The game ends when a player completes a certain amount of Gizmos, and then the player with the most points wins. The scoring system sounds similar to what you have in mind, so I’d encourage you to check it out if you’re interested. Here’s a YouTube video of someone running through it: Hopefully you can find some inspiration!

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