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I am now trying to adapt to the online teaching model. This is an excellent time for game design, and during spring break, everyone stays home instead of going on vacation. But also because everyone stayed home, I didn’t have many game testers. I believe this problem will be solved later, such as inviting friends over or video call, or I will go back to my own home to play games with my parents.

对于最后的项目,我目前没有一个好主意。我认为Table-top Miniatures是一个令人兴奋的话题。例如,《星球大战》军团缩影游戏:克隆为核心集提供了动力。我认为这个游戏就是一个很好的例子。玩家可以建立强大的力量来阻止机器人部队并维持整个银河系的和平,从而获得制高点。这种游戏在玩家中很受欢迎。

So, “Table-top Miniatures
Table-top wargaming is one of the oldest, stalest, and somehow still most exciting genres of contemporary gaming. Create a game that makes use of surprising “figures” and (for example) plays with the idea of analog. Lead figures on an iPad-based battle-map, for example; automobiles in an empty parking lot; 32 real-life “human chess pieces” using their fingers to mark their space on a regular-sized chess board.” is my topic.

The only thing I know now is that I’m going to need character cards and backstory. I need more information to think about how to run the game on this topic. I hope to add more historical background and characters to this theme. My audience is teenagers. The features of interactivity, rapidity, and richness in games are attracting more and more viewers. They will feel nervous and focused when they play the game. They can better understand the history and feel the sense of integration brought by the characters in the game.

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  1. I don’t have much experience with tabletop games, but if you are looking for good examples of cards that have a lot of backstory with only a little bit of information, I would highly recommend you look at some of the flavor text for Magic: The Gathering cards. While the flavor text is usually only a sentence or two long, they generally do a great job of giving the card a little bit of depth. I found a random Goblin creature, which you can look at here: The flavor text is only one sentence long, but it gives the reader a sense of what that goblin’s job and day-to-day life might look like. It also helps reinforce the idea of a chaotic warren being the natural habitat of goblins.

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