Game Mechanics Analysis: Minit

Title screen, showcasing some of the characters.

Minit is an adventure game from 2018, developed by “JW, Kitty, Jukio, and Dom”, various game developers from across the industry, who have worked on games ranging from Nuclear Throne to Horizon Zero Dawn. The game follows the player character who is cursed to die every 60 seconds and must use their limited time in order to lift their curse.

The player obtaining the cursed sword, which you use on your valiant quest to get rid of the darned thing once and for all.

This game has a unique art style. It is in a 1-bit color palette, meaning pixels in the game can only be colored purely black or purely white. This creates a cute and interesting art style that is cleverly implemented throughout the game.

The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. You run around the map, gathering various items that you have to use in different areas. However, you can only carry one item at a time, meaning you need to carefully plan which thing you need and when. There are various characters to talk to and little side-quests to run as you try to lift your curse.

A hand-drawn map made by a player, showing the different areas of the game and labeling points of interest, such as stairs, houses, enemies, and NPCs.

Minit is a fairly short game, clocking out at around 5-6 hours long. But since you play it in 60-second intervals, it tends to feel a little bit longer than that, and it’s not a bad thing! It’s a really enjoyable little game that you can spend some downtime playing. I highly recommend picking it up sometime when it’s on sale if you can. It’s a quick little experience that’s well worth the 60 seconds it takes to pick up.

The delivery boy, who should have taken the sword to where it was supposed to be, instead stands by and watches you get cursed. How rude.

If you want to look into the game yourself, here’s the website:

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