Rapid Prototype Suggested Scenarios

Four suggested scenarios

Here are four “Games 4 Change” – style scenarios, drawn largely from my experience and inquiries from NGOs, NFPs, and so forth. For your second game-design experiment (which you’ll do with one or more partners, ideally, this week), please choose one that you didn’t already use on Tuesday. Feel free to invent your own, especially if it is particular to your experience or your profession, etc.

  1. Dept. of Motor Vehicles; “We want to provide clients with a simple single-player game to distract them while they wait for service at the DMV. The game should help them see that mass transit is sometimes the best option for travel.” Adults, 21-48.
  1. Humane Society; “We want to steer families away from buying expensive pure-bred pets from breeders. Instead, we encourage them to adopt pets in need from their local shelter.” Children, 8-14.

  2. IT Department; “We want to encourage our users to avoid using common passwords like “password”, “1234”, and so on.” Employees.

  3. Dept. of Public Safety; “We want to show people just how dangerous it is to text and drive.” Young adults, 15-24.

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