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space-invaders-mdI’m in the process right now (Noon, Tuesday 14 January 2014) of creating accounts for you on this blog. Please create and post a short “Player’s Bio” prior to class on Thursday. I’ll provide you with a sample “Player’s Bio” presently.

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Somehow, I have managed to spread out nearly two decades of bookmarks across at least 8 distinct, incompatible, and occasionally abandoned protocols.

In a way, I suppose, it doesn’t matter, perhaps its even a mercy. At some point in time — probably around 2003, very likely on a Tuesday — this massifying info corpus reached a certain density and collapsed in on itself — voilá — just like that. The data is so thick, and the effort required to retrieve it and make it legible is so tedious, that there is absolutely no likelihood of my ever sifting through it.

So let’s start again. On this page (which I’ll update over time, and eventually transform into a sidebar), I’ll list a number of my favorite sites related to Arcade Theory.

NB that I’ll set these links to open new pages. (Years ago, I was under the impression that this practice was considered gauche, and was deprecated by the W3C. Yet it remains everywhere.)


The Expressive Intelligence Studio

The Expressive Intelligence Studio at University of California, Santa Cruz is dedicated to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, art and design. Our goal is to create compelling new forms of interactive art and entertainment that provide deeply autonomous, generative and dynamic responses to interaction. A major thrust of this work is advanced AI for videogames. This includes autonomous characters, interactive storytelling, automated game asset generation, game data analysis, and intelligent support for game design. By viewing AI as an expressive medium, our work raises and answers new and interesting AI research questions while pushing the boundaries of the conceivable and possible in interactive experiences.

Nearly Here! The First Syllabus of the Spring!

As the second week of the new year begins, we wrap ourselves up in our warmest coats, scrape the ice from the car windshield, and head for the Car Barn: Classes begin anew at Georgetown on Wednesday, January 8th. This semester, I’m very much looking forward to the challenges represented by my two grad courses: Arcade Theory, which I’ve taught before but have heavily revised for the spring, and The Poetics of Mobile, an altogether new course which represents as ambitious a curriculum as I’ve ever offered.

For now, though, I’m still in the process of polishing the syllabi. Look for material related to Arcade Theory to appear here later today (Tuesday).


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