Last updated: 5am 25 Sept 2019.

Note that a simple version of a Pachinko-style game is included in the demos below. It lacks comments as I didn't have time to add them while I wrote the code this AM, but we can discuss how things work during class tomorrow.

I'm in the process of transferring all of the old demos into this new framework which makes reviewing the code and its output much easier. I hope to finish most of the transfers this evening (Wednesday) 25 Sept 2019.

Nota bene: Included below are all the project files you need to download, save, open up, and examine the code I've discussed. In order to do that, you will need to follow a series of steps.

  1. Right click on the appropriate ProjectFile.yyz (listed below), and save it to your computer.
  2. From inside GameMaker Studio 2, choose "IMPORT" and point to the .yyz file you just downloaded.
  3. It will prompt you for a filename by which to save a clean copy of the code. I suggest you put it in a directory called "Example_Code".
  4. Once you have named this clean version, it will open up inside GameMaker Studio 2.

Also note that I am rendering these files as working HTML versions, and they tend to work very, very well. GameMaker uses highly-efficient javascript to that end. It's fun to see how responsive this development language can be. The HTML Builds are labeled among the choices below.

3am Bounce / Pachinko

3am Bounce / Pachinko (HTML Build)

Download this Pachinko simulator to IMPORT into your copy of Game Maker Studio 2.


This relatively simple code demonstrates:

Cup and Cloud Paths

Cup and Cloud Paths (HTML Build)

Download this simple demo to IMPORT into your copy of Game Maker Studio 2.


This simple demonstration illustrates:

Retro Bricker Complete

Retro Bricker Complete (HTML Build)

Download this complete (if very rough) game project to IMPORT into your copy of Game Maker Studio 2.


This rough but enjoyable little demo makes use of the following ideas from GameMaker Studio 2:

For Loop: Donut Maker

For Loop: Donut Maker (HTML Build)

Download the Project to IMPORT into your copy of GameMaker Studio 2.


Donut Maker is a simple demo to illustrate a few ideas.

  1. How local variables (var) work;
  2. How one object instance can generate instances of a different object altogether;
  3. How FOR loops can be used to perform repetitive work;
  4. How those FOR loops can be nested, one inside another, to create repetitions of repetitions.

Planetary Paddleball

Planetary Paddleball (HTML Build)

Download the file to IMPORT into your copy of GameMaker Studio 2


Planetary Paddleball makes use of Very Simple Physics, including collision detection events. In many cases (e.g., the paddle blocks), the object instances you see on the screen were not placed in the room by me, but have been Created by another set of object instances (the boss objects): In other words, I put 6 object_boss instances on the screen before the toy runs; when it does run, each of those object_boss instances will execute an "instance_create_layer" function a total of 6 times -- each time adding another paddle object to the screen.